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List of Buyer Services

As your personal Buyer Representative, you will receive professional exclusive buyer representation throughout your entire transaction.

  1. We check new listings 2-4 times per day and email you immediate updates. Our email notifications come with all listing info and photos of each listing.
  2. We go out of our way to be available to show you new listings within 24 hours or less, and work with your schedule.
  3. We give you an pre-filled "Buyer's File Box" at our first appointment which contains everything you need to stay organized  throughout your transaction. The box contains informational brochures covering home inspections, homeowner warranties, home insurance policies, recommended ASHI inspectors, recommended contractors, a 44 page settlement procedures booklet and reference manual, and a step by step "To-Do" list that guides you through the entire process with ease!
  4. We help with financing suggestions, mortgage packages and explain terms and help you compare different loan programs.
  5. We provide neighborhood comps, neighborhood statistical reports, and CMA's to let you know if the home is correctly priced!
  6. We point out the property's strengths AND weaknesses.
  7. We provide info to help determine future appreciation rates of the neighborhood.
  8. Once you select a property we prepare type written easy to read contracts, and provide both hard copies and digital copies for future record keeping
  9. We always avoid just faxing contract offers to listing agents. We hand deliver originals or email contracts when required. We strongly encourage the sellers and listing agents to let us personally attend your contract presentation.
  10. We stay in constant contact via cell phone during contract presentations.
  11. All documents delivered by email are locked, password protected and encrypted to ensure security. Less than 1% of today's agents offer this measure of added service.
  12. Once your contract is accepted, we immediately help you make arrangements for all necessary inspections and co-ordinate appointments.
  13. We attend your home inspection and make sure your home inspector notices potential problems and makes written suggestions.
  14. We help you negotiate repairs to your advantage and follow up to make sure required repairs are made prior to settlement.
  15. We make sure all contingency requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled within the contract's specified time frame.
  16. We track your lender's progress and make sure that your approval is delivered in time to comply with contract requirements.
  17. We help you coordinate Settlement and final inspections.
  18. We follow up on Post Occupancy Agreements and attend after settlement walk-thru inspections. Problems rarely arise but if there are any damage claims, we make sure that repairs are properly made, and paid for at the seller's expense.


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